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Tailoring business growth with AI chatbots, smart email automation, and personalized consultancy.

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AI Consulting.

Artiqai leverages AI for seamless customer interaction and business optimization. We specialize in creating advanced chatbot solutions and email automation systems, enhancing customer responsiveness while freeing your team for strategic tasks. Our expert consultancy services help integrate AI in your operations, boosting productivity and performance.

 Custom AI solutions for unique business needs

 Aligning with your business goals

 Boosting productivity with automation

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Creating tailored chatbot solutions for seamless 24/7 customer engagement.

Email Automation

Utilizing AI-driven email automation for targeted, personalized communication.

AI Consultation

Enhancing operational efficiency with custom AI integrations to optimize business processes.

Our Experts.

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Miza Amjad

Utah, USA

Driven by her passion for AI and its transformative potential, Miza founded this venture to shape the future of businesses with innovative AI strategies.

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Bishal Giri

Utah, USA

As the CTO, he leads technological innovation, directing AI development and ensuring seamless integration with existing platforms to drive business growth.

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