About Images

Artiqai specializes in
transforming businesses with
AI solutions.

  • Chatbot & Email Automation

    Our AI-powered chatbots provide continuous support, answering queries anytime, ensuring a smooth customer experience

  • Strategic AI consultancy

    We provide customized AI consultancy to align technological solutions with your unique business goals and challenges.

How we build solutions for you

Crafting AI Solutions, Step by Step.

Discovery & Analysis

Meet with the client to understand their specific needs, goals, and challenges.

Design & Development

Design and develop the AI architecture that aligns with the client's business strategy.

Testing & Optimization

Conduct rigorous testing to ensure the AI model meets predefined standards.

Deployment & Support

Implement the AI product into the client's existing workflow or platform.

What we can do for you

Services provided for you.


Creating tailored chatbot solutions for seamless 24/7 customer engagement.

Email Automation

Utilizing AI-driven email automation for targeted, personalized communication.

AI Consultation

Enhancing operational efficiency with custom AI integrations to optimize business processes.

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